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API | Geolocation | UI design | Real time updates

Twitter wanted to visualize the volume of specific conversations/tweets/hashtags happening during the World Cup on a world map in real time. We built a system to search hashtags/keywords and to capture the data in real time. We also developed a custom solution to capture the geolocation of each tweet to be displayed on the map. The data was then streamlined in real time to a microsite consisting of a world map with animation overlays to visualise the conversation. The map was also streamed live on the Official twitter account and generated 200,000+ impressions within a few days.

Twitter, one of the top 5 social platforms globally is well known for being the ideal platform for brands to engage with the market. Twitter is the only social network where brands and consumers have an even playing field and unrestricted lines of clear, concise communication. We provide Twitter with high end custom technological solutions that empower brands and helps them engage with the market in exciting and innovative ways.