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Twitter Elevator

API | UI design | Moderation | Concept development | Real time updates

Twitter came to us with an exciting and innovative idea, and wanted us to deliver a solution. the idea was to add a screen to an elevator, whereby once the user clicks on a certain floor or multiple floors, the screen will automatically pull the latest tweets containing hashtags linked to the companies on each floor. E.g. If the user clicks on floor 3 with Amazon and Google offices, the screen would update to show the latest tweets with hashtags linked to those two companies.
We built a state of the art system that utilized custom hardware that was attached to the elevator and custom software solutions that will enable this innovative functionality. Using Sensors attached to the elevator buttons, once the user clicks on one, it sends unique signals to our servers that will run filtering algorithms on the twitter data. The filtered tweets are then sent to a microsite whereby custom javascript and HTML is used to render and animate the tweets in a visually appealing way. We also added moderation and geolocation features to make sure that the content displayed is safe and relevant to the activation region.
The project was a success and received considerable news coverage.